Trainer / Coach for IGCC Train the Master-Trainer project

Mumbai, India


IGCC’s vocational education & training division DUALpro is looking for a coach/trainer to support IGCC in an upcoming Train the Trainer course. You will be assigned to conduct training sessions for up to 80 participants. The participants of the course are highly skilled experts in their respective field of action as well as active vocational education trainers and are to be upgraded to master trainers through this course. The goal after the training is that the participants have the skills and knowledge to train in-company trainers at their organization/ vocational school/ sector council or becoming self employed trainers to train new in-company trainers/ practical trainers in the subject of pedagogy and teaching methods according to the German Chamber Abroad regulations and standards.


§  Conducting training as a coach/trainer online

·        The main task is to conduct online training session for the participants of the course. The course participants are to be prepared for their task as master-trainers.

Function as a subject matter expert in conducting training session in the following areas:

          Pedagogical skills
       Soft Skills – Management of Feedback
       Conflict Management
       Problem/Chaos Management
       Organizational Management

·         Following a more detailed overview of the topics which you need to conduct during the assignment:

o   Pedagogical skills

      Understanding approaches to adult education 
      Delivering the training content in a professional way 
      Identifying Techniques for creating holistic course material 
      Demonstrating in-company-focused training pedagogy 


o   Soft Skills – Management of Feedback

             Understanding different forms and the need of giving feedback
         Recognizing inconvenient situations and plan to improve feedback skills
         Benefits of a working feedback culture in the organization
         Developing your feedback process
         Appreciative feedback culture     

o   Conflict Management

             Understanding the areas of conflict 
         Applying conflict management techniques 
         Managing conflicts in groups 
         Knowing the impact of different roles of a team  

o   Problem/Chaos Management within vocational training

             Characteristics of complex/problems situations
         Stages of the solution process to manage problems in an organization
         Analyses, change of perspective, definition of goals, search for solutions
         Simplification strategies to solve problems in an organizations
         Practical approaches to solving complex situations

o   Organizational Management

             Personal development & management 
         Quality management 
         Project management & planning processes 
         Basics of using Software Solutions & web-based tools 


§  Adjustment of learning material for the conducted courses


§  Develop guidelines and materials for the running course if needed

§  Design handouts and learning material for the participants for the subjects conducted


§  Structure and organization of the learning material for the self-study phases of students on the IGCC online learning platform

Develop worksheets and templates for students to gradually introduce them to the topic conducted to allow them to carry out self-responsible self-learning phases and document their experiences along the process
 During the assignment phase you are responsible for creating, designing, uploading, and maintaining learning material for the learning management system platform.
Create quizzes and setting up a gamification learning environment for the participants.


April 2022 – September 2022. 16 people per batch, 5 Batches. First batch is supposed to start in the first week of April 2022. Each batch will run during the week from Monday to Friday for 3 hours each day, fully online (tools will be provided).

  • 1.       Batch 1: April to May

  • 2.       Batch 2: May to June

  • 3.       Batch 3: June to July

  • 4.       Batch 4: July to August

  • 5.       Batch 5: August to September

The above-mentioned batches have an estimated duration of 120 hours per batch. Whereas the needed subject to be conducted by the you, the subject expert, adds up to 60 hours online training per batch.


§  Professional qualification:
Subject matter expert in the above-mentioned areas. Preferable Master’s degree in the field of vocational education, human resource/ communication/ organizational                     management or business management.

§  Professional experience and knowledge:

  •        Trained and competent in conducting adult learning sessions (preferably certified)

  •      Experienced in working conceptually

  •       Practical experiences in the vocational education system ((German (preferable), Indian any other))

  •       Understanding of the Indian education system and labor market

  •      Fluent in English, knowledge of Hindi or another Indian language is of advantage

§  Core competencies:

  •        Coaching skills

  •         Conversation management

  •          Handling of big groups

  •        Systematic observation

  •          Ability and skill to solve problems in the above areas, as well as willingness to do so

  •         Planning, execution, and evaluation of the scheduled exercises

  •         Feedback and documentation of the results

§  Soft skills

  • Good team player

  •          Excellent communication skills in English

  •         Strong problem-solving skills with strengths-oriented view

  •         Strong work ethics

  •       High level of flexibility/adaptability

  •        Strong interpersonal skills

  •         Interest in working with professional experts and being able to handle their ideas and views on the topics

  •         Social media communicating and networking skills

  •         Experiences with Indian culture

  •        Strong intercultural skills to deal with participants from across whole India


To apply or questions, please contact me or submit a proposal including quotation and approach to delivering the requested services to philip.bauer@indo-german.com  at the earliest or via this APPLY NOW button. No deadline.